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Construction services

We do not only work on our on projects, but we also help to bring all construction industry players together therefore instead of just being a construction company we turned into a construction site,We work with construction companies, professionals like " architects,civil & electrical engineers,plumbers,carpenters ,builders and any other relevant skilled individuals with utmost goal , which is customer satisfaction
Please contact us and your needs will surely be satisfied. For detailed information on our construction services please visit our site http://lindenempire.yolasite.com


Have your on soda fountain machine at home and make your own soft drinks right in your kitchen and save 90% of your drinks expenditure. Create your delicious drinks from a wide variety of flavors provided,ranging from simple sparkling water, tizers, ice teas,cola,cream soda,Ginger beer you name it the list does not end .

Buy one machine from us for only R700 and get 6 different flavors worth R300 for free . Each 440ml bottle of syrup flavor produces 9litres of soft drink ,that means if you buy one machine you get 54litres of soft drinks for free..
Just buy a Soda fountain machine for your home or office and you will never worst money on soft drinks again


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IT & Graphic designing

Since Information and Technology have become the backbone of business we saw it as an essential move to be involved in the most crucial aspects of IT, Security systems, website designing and graphic designing.Under security systems we introduced self tracking systems (vehicle tracking,property and child trackers just to make the world safer for our valued customers. As we all know that websites and advertising material have become the face of our business world we also got involved in order to help the entrepreneurs create good impressions towards their potential customers. We also designed skills program to improve computer literacy in societies and teach those who prefer to be hands on their businesses and those that can not afford to pay expensive website designers a simple way of creating and administering their on web sites.For further details on our IT products please click our store icon on top.More Info

Sales & Promotions

After realising how good our sales and promotion team is with our products,We  decided to introduce sales and promotion in to our portfolio. Our team believes in not just in product awareness but in product knowledge and accessibility,If you want your product to go out and reach the targeted market please just call us. We will help improve your product ,position in the market and for new product launches you can count on us.


We sale and distribute various consumer products, Laptops, Smart Watches, Cell phones.child trackers,car trackers,solar systems,CCTV systems,luxury perfumes and other items.

Please CLICK our store icon on top to view our products


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